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General Information 

Character: Raivis Galante, the Republic of Latvia 

Character Series: Axis Powers Hetalia

About the mun (OOC): Hi y'all! This is my first time RP-ing on dreamwidth so bear with me if I appear slow and uneducated! 

Permissions while (OOC):
  • Backtracking - Yes!
  • Threadropping - All right with me, though it's better if you warned me in advance/vice versa.
  • Fourthwalling - Totes fine! 
  • Offensive subjects (?) - Not that I know at the moment... perhaps when something comes up we can discuss it civility? 
Permissions while (IC):
  • Hugging this character: Unless you're close to him or he considers you close, hugs will be quite fidgety and rather uncomfortable. That doesn't mean he hates hugging just - "Why are you hugging me. Stop that. Stop that right now." - yeah.
  • Kissing this character: Pretty much the same deal with hugging, unless he's tipsy from too many bottles and thinks you're taking back to the bedroom.
  • Flirting with this character: Oh God, Latvia flirting and being flirted with... loooots of red faces and bad lines from Latvia's end.
  • Fighting with this character: He's not really the type to fight psychically, but verbally yes. Prone to tears if the fights are against his favour.
  • Injuring this character (severity and limits): Just tell me what type of injury you're inflicting and we'll start there. (He'll probably fell well the next day because of reasons).
  • Killing this character: Oh, the betrayal and angst! See above.
  • Using telepathy/mind-reading abilities on this character: See above 2x.
Warnings (!!!)

(OOC) - As of late, I have a very unpredictable time-frame for Internet access, and sometimes the initiative for me won't be there. So I apologise in advance! Please message me if I forgotten something or a thread was suddenly dropped!

(It's been fixed! So hooray!)

(IC) - This Latvia/Raivs differentiates just a little from canon. For example, he'll be pretty moody at times, be impatient with certain characters, and hates being looked down upon for being 15 psychically.  

I think that covers pretty much everything (???) Well, I'm glad to meet your acquaintance! 


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